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My name is Heather Hesington and I recently got married to my best friend, love of my life and inspiration to write about everything on this blog!  I started sharing our lives via blogging when Scott and I began the planning our wedding, and I chose to go by a third-party name of Precious Betty, or Presh, a nickname he gave me when we first started dating.

We got married this past July and now that the wedding's over, I have more time to blog about other subjects in my life that I've been excited to share with you.  There's no secrets about who we are and what we're all about.

Important things to know about our new Hesington family?  We live by the following motto: EAT, PRAY, LOVE....LIVE!!! 

EAT: We enjoy trying new foods, restaurants, and share a love for learning how to cook.  Scott has mastered grilling, stews or throwing anything in a crock pot, and different kinds of dipping sauces.  My meal interests include quick and easy meals for couples on-the-go & creating a kitchen full of healthy versions of our every day indulgences.

PRAY: We are believers, and aren't afraid to tell people about it. Our relationship really started blossoming when I attended our now home church with Scott.  Together, we enjoy exploring the word, mandating devotional time into our schedules, and enjoy prayer as a part of our every day lives. *Keep an eye out for Words of Wisdom Wednesdays!

LOVE: As a newlywed couple, we strive for is LOVING to love. Date nights, time with our families and quality time with each other and our pets is important to both of us.

LIVE: Just that...get rid of all the excuses and LIVE a little.  Go out, travel, spend time with friends, and do the things that makes your heart skip a beat.  Originally I wanted to name this blog Eat, Pray, Love...LIVE but someone already beat me to it.
Instead came HBSH.


HBSH is a monogrammed logo my husband and I created for our wedding, and have continued to brand it in our home, on our luggage and even in matching his and hers tattoos.  We both happen to have the same initials, I was HBS and he is BSH, so we put ours together to create HBSH.

I got the itch to create HB & SH (Health, Beauty & Sweet Homelife) half way through wedding planning.  My love for writing began to grow with each post and I would often look forward to unwinding at home by sharing stories, tips, how-to's and more.  Now that I've got one blog under my belt, I wanted to step-it-up and create a "mega" blog that is a tell-all of EVERYTHING in my life.
Enter...why you're reading this: 
Health, Beauty & Sweet Homelife.

I have been active and a bit of a health nut ever since I can remember.  I grew up in a healthy household, absent of junk food and into eating anything green, low fat or good for you.  By the time I left for the University of South Florida, I finally found my two niches: dance and health & fitness.  I graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications, Specializing in Advertising with a minor in Communication.  Although Advertising was my focus, I really enjoyed the copy writing, designing, and Journalism aspects more than anything.

Since dancing for USF, I went on to dance professionally in sports and took my love for living a healthy lifesyle to my highest potential.  During the past four years I have acquired SO many tips and tricks of the trade in Health, Beauty, Fitness and Lifestyles of a professional dancer,  so I'm here to share them with you.

While dancing, I met my husband Scott and have many unforgettable trips, games, events, memories and stories with him there.  We dated for about 3 and a half years before tying the knot, and have truly enjoyed the newlywed life every day since 7.22.2011.  Ever since we officially moved in together, I have without a doubt LOVED the role of a housewife and have turned the everyday tasks of laundry, cooking and cleaning into the subjects of new projects and challenges.

Currently, we reside in Orlando with our two kitties Aspen & Cali and the sweetest dog I've ever met, Roadie.

If I had it my way, I would be a full time stay-at-home housewife and mom, sooner than later.  I say that not because I don't like working, but because my true passions are at home.  Since becoming a MRS, I have made it a goal of mine to create a great home life environment, learn how to cook health conscious meals, bake and and turn this condo we rent into a HOME.  Here, you will find all of my tips, stories and experiences with all of these adventures.

HBSH is more than just a monogrammed logo, it's a way of life.  Feel free to bookmark me because I've got a LOT to share...

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