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HB - Heather Betty
HB stands for Heather Betty.  It's a nick name I've had since middle school and it still carries on today.  I'm a native Floridan, born and raised in Longwood. The furthest she has ever lived from Orlando is in Tampa, FL to attend the University of South Florida. I have a B.A. in Mass Communications after college went on as a professional dancer for NBA! I have been dancing since she I was 3 years old, and have had a passion for dance, theater, health & fitness ever since I can remember. I'm also very passionate about my faith and share my love for the Lord by dancing with the Rejoice! Dance Troupe at the First Baptist Church of Orlando. Family has always been a priority for me, and I can't wait to start her own in the near future!  Until then, I'm keeping myself pretty busy as a newlywed blogging about every step of the way.

SH - Scott Hesington
Scott was born in Branson, MO and raised all over the states of Missouri and Arkansas.  He grew up in the mountains and hills of Nortwest Arkansas and attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, where he received a degree in Physchology as well as in Zoology. Today, Scott still bleeds red when any kind of Hog game is on, is proud of his mid-western routes and will often let out a big WHOOOOOOOO PIGGGG SOOIIIIIEEEE!  Scott has loved, has been involved in and worked in sports ever since he graduated from college.  Does he blog? Not really...he wrote the sweetest tribute to me on my wedding blog once, but he prefers to do more adventurous things with his time.  You may often find Scott "on stage" by doing stunt work, local theatre, or speaking at worship events.

HOW DID WE MEET? This video explains it all:

...but if you'd like the cliff notes version:

I met Scott in August of 2007, shortly after I started dancing for the NBA. We were introduced at my very first promotion event, in downtown Orlando. After a few minutes of talking to me and requesting her to tell a joke to break the ice with my new co-workers, Scott noticed how goofy, sweet, and fun I was right away (naturally), lol.

During her my few months of being on the team, I was invited to travel to the NBA China Games hosted in Shanghai and Macao in late October. On the way overseas, there was a 20 hour flight to take, so I packed the necessities to get me through - an iPod, fuzzy socks, a comfy pillow and blanket, hard candy, and flash study cards to prepare her to take the GRE as soon as they got back. About two hours into the flight, I realized I didn't need any of those things, because there was that guy named Scott again, coming to talk to me. After about the fifth attempt and response of "I'm sorry, I would love to talk, but I need to study, " I put the flashcards down and decided to get more acquainted everyone. Within the first five minutes of talking, we realized we have a lot more in common than who we worked for, and were inseparable for the rest of the trip!

When they got back to Orlando, Scott pursued me , even though the last thing I wanted embarking in her new journey with the NBA and a new point in her life was a boyfriend. Scott had invited me to attend his church, and after seeing how passionate he was about his faith and love for the Lord, I knew then I couldn't hide deny my love for him. Late phone calls turned into dinner dates and movies, and the rest is history! It took a few months of transitioning away from being best friends, but our official anniversary of dating is New Year's Day.

Since that New Year's Day in 2008, Scott has continued to love, care for, and offer me more than I could ever ask for. We realized they were soul mates from the very beginning and our love for each other continues to grow every day.  We got married on 7.22.2011 and will remember that day forever as the first day of the rest of our lives together.

We reside in Orlando, FL and share our love for our adorable cats Aspen & Cali, and our complete blessing of a stray pup Roadie! We LOVE exploring and experiencing the city with friends and family, but equally enjoy the homelife and nights in.  We both love to travel, and together have been to over 35 countries!   

Roadie, the sweetest dog EVER.

Cali (left) & Aspen (right) are adorable kitty sisters!
 "The most important things in life are your friends, family, health, good humor and a positive attitude towards life. If you have these then you have everything!"

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