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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Honeymoon Album & Video Reel

It's safe to say that Scott and I have turned into quite the "documenters" through our wedding planning process.  Once the honeymoon rolled around, we didn't want to miss a beat - although there could have literally been 50 more videos.  I've said it a gazillion times to anyone who's asked me about it, but Costa Rica was PERFECT!!!! It was so hard to leave, which is why we took over 500 pictures and over 25 videos.

In case you missed it, read all about our honeymoon adventures in Our Costa Rican Honeymoon & Our Costa Rican Honeymoon...cont'd.

I've been home for the last few days taking care of the Mr. (he recently underwent shoulder surgery), so I've finally had some time to finish up my Honeymoons posts & compile a honeymoon video reel to share with all of you. Yesterday, I spent most of my day working on that & Our Honeymoon Album when I wasn't playing nurse.  I've actually enjoyed my time at home and would love to be a full-time housewife and mother one day (hint, hint).  Back in February, I bought Mr. Hess and I a Valentines present and posted all about it.  You can find out what I'm talking about from Our Honeymoon Album post.

I am very happy to say my hard work paid off and the album is officially finished!

To make your own album, you need:

  • Honeymoon (or different themed Album)
  • 20 pages worth of your favorite pictures
  • Double-sided tape (or a glue stick)
  • scissors.
I like to do albums in layers.  It's fun for me to add the stickers and sayings to each page, but first I cut out all of the pictures and put them in order to tell the story.  Once the pictures are in place, I use the double-sided tape to stick them to the pages.  The beauty of using the tape is that you can always change the position of the pictures if you decide to change your mind or want to move things around.

Once the pictures are in place comes the fun part...adding all of the cute stickers, picture borders and sayings.  Just try not to use TOO many on one page, or it can start to look cheesy... ;)

Here's how mine turned out:
The first cover page for our album.

And, to wrap up all of this Honeymoon's the video I've put together. I didn't get to include the beginning driving adventures, as that video was 5 minutes on its own. 

Yeah....we're big dorks, but entertaining, right?!  ;)

Where was YOUR dream honeymoon destination?
What was your favorite excursion or event?

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