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Thursday, October 27, 2011

$5 Footlong - the Healthy Way

Five.  Five dollar.  $5 Healthy Subway coming your way!

Since this week brings us to the end of ANYtober (where every regular footlong sub from Subway is $5) Scott and I have been hitting that store up like it's our job.  If you can take the "Subway" smell (really....what is that?!) on your clothes from being there for the 5 minutes it takes to order, getting two meals for $5 is truly worth your while.

When I go to get myself a foot long, I split it between lunch and dinner that day, or split it with Scott if I'll be seeing him in the near future.  There are several things that can distract you from eating healthy at Subway (don't even get me started on that Meatball Marinara sub...YUM), but there are several tasty right ways you can go too.

Here is my pride and joy go-to sandwich from Subway:

"Foot Long Turkey on Wheat":

Wheat Bread (toasted)
American Cheese
a little bit of Oil & Vinegar
and a whole lotta Veggies:
Banana & Green Peppers
Black Olives

Whew! Now THAT'S a sub if I've ever seen one.

*TIP: If you like veggies, go NUTS here!  The ones I listed above are all fat-free and add nutritional value to your sub.  If I'm watching my carbs, I'll often go for the Subway Salad with Turkey and get the exact same things listed above, using half shredded lettuce/half spinach as the base.

Watching fat? Leave off the cheese and go light on the dressing.
(Oil & Vinegar is the best dressing choice).

Not a Turkey fan?  Go for grilled Chicken or Ham.  You can see on these charts below how these 3 choices rank compared to the rest.  Take that Meatball Marinara!

*Nutritional Chart pulled from

Unless I'm really hungry, I go for the sandwich only and if I'm going home then make a side for myself there.  *TIP:  No matter how amazingly, crazy good the cookies are, try to avoid getting them.  They give you 2 or sometimes 3 per meal and that just killed your healthy trip to Subway.

Instead, choose the apple slices or the baked chips.

At home I prefer to cut up a few apple slices.  Try dipping your apple slices in my All-Natural Pumpkin Peanut Butter for extra energy and taste!

Everything pictured above is less than 500 calories and provides a substantial lunch and/or dinner!

  • What are some of your Subway Sandwich combination?  
  • Are you a veggie freak like me or do you prefer just the meat and cheese (Katie...)? 


  1. Ummm where do you get pumpkin peanut butter!?

  2. Nevermind! Should have clicked the link!!!!


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