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Friday, November 18, 2011

All Aboard the Blockbuster Express

It always puts a smile on my face when I come home to a kitchen full of groceries and a movie waiting to be watched.  Ever since Blockbuster closed down in our area a few months ago, I've been itching to rent some movies and spend some nights in - pajamas, a fuzzy blanket and popcorn on deck.  Go figure.

My sister told me about a wonderful blue box full of movies for rent, which is located right in your neighborhood Publix grocery store.  Blockbuster Express is a wonderful solution to spending $20 at the movies, and offers a variety of comedies, dramas, horror, action and even newly released DVDs.

We've been frequenters of Redbox in the past, and even subscribed to Netflix for a little while.  As our wedding approached a few months back we got rid of all "extra expenses" which our Netflix subscription fit into - it was a sad day for the Hesington family.  We haven't gotten around to renewing our account with them, simply because we've been pretty happy with what the big blue Blockbuster box offers.

We've rented over a dozen movies from BE, with the most recent being Water for Elephants.  It's a great  movie and for all you Edward Cullen fans out there (*by the way, the new Twilight movie comes out TODAY)...staring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon

Romance, based in the 1930's, elephants...I'm all about it.

I do need to point out that sometimes it's a hit or miss with BE.  Fortunately, there's some good ones currently on the line up:

Things to know about renting a movie from Blockbuster Express:
  • Boxes are located in your neighborhood Publix grocery stores.
  • All rentals are 24 hours and are due by 9pm the next day.
  • Prices range from $1 to $2.99 a movie, depending on the release date.
  • All you need to rent is an e-mail address and a credit card.
  • You can find tons of coupons for the box online, simply by searching for them.

I found a great list of BE coupon codes for 2011.  Check out for super savings! :)

So when in doubt, Blockbuster Express is here to save you from your everyday "what's on the tube" routine.  Just look for the big blue box, that's usually located between the coinstar and lotto ticket counter.

  • Do you have a preference: Blockbuster Express vs. Redbox?
  • What is your favorite kind of movie to rent: are you a comedy lover, a scary movie buff, or do you prefer a romantic drama?

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  1. I’m the same way…at some point some expenses just have to be cut, and entertainment related costs are usually the first to go. I too love the blue box, but since I work at DISH I know that if you switch your TV service to them you get access to the Blockbuster Movie Pass. This way you can get over twenty different movie channels streamed to your TV, as well as over 100,000 movies either through the mail or streamed through your television or computer This will save you a ton on going to the box, PLUS you don’t have to leave the house!


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