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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Babies on the Brain

Yesterday I went to my dear friend Kelly's Baby Shower.  From the food & decorations to the games & was definitely one of the best shower's I've ever been to! :)

You'll get to hear all about it in the next day or so but for now, I HAD to share what I was most excited about: going shopping for Baby.  

I love Bridal Showers, but I have to admit that there's something incredibly exciting for me about shopping for a Baby Shower.  I love pulling up the registry to see what Mom wants and trying my best to get the "gift" she wants and needs the most.

Before I went shopping I asked one of my friends who is a new mom what I should get her.  Her automatic response was "diapers."  Obviously, not the most exciting purchase on the registry, but certainly the most practical.

On my way back to the diaper isle, I found the cutest little pair of newborn baby slippers.

Are they practical? Probably not...but I can you resist those?! The slippers were the first thing to go in my cart and I decided to use them as inspiration for a "fresh & clean bath time routine" themed gift.

I heard that one of the shower hosts made a Diaper Cake (which turned out absolutely adorable) so I figured Kelly would be covered in the diaper department for a while and moved towards the next necessity: baby wipes, or spice we like to call them ;)  You can never have too many of those right?

I picked up 2 huge boxes of wipes off of the registry, a Johnson & Johnson bathtime set, and a travel set of wipes.  That gift would have sufficed enough, but since I was going in on it with my friend I decided to take a stroll in the clothing section... 

I know, I know: everyone gets baby clothes for a Baby Shower.  It's just too hard to resist.  I got a good amount of practical stuff, so I decided to keep the "fresh & clean routine" theme going by getting 2 pairs of pajamas (for after bath time, of course).

The one on the left says "Daddy's Little Tough Guy" and the one on the right says "Mommy's Little Champ." "Mommy" was a dancer with me and "Daddy" is a personal trainer, so I thought they were the perfect snuggly pjs for him.

When I got home I was excited to wrap the present and go to the shower the next day.  I got all of my wrapping supplies at Wal-mart and was pretty proud of myself with how it turned out:

*TIP: You can jazz any gift wrap up by adding ribbon from the crafting section.  I like to look for when spools of ribbon go on sale at Wal-mart, JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels and load my cart up when they do!

pictured gift wrap supplies:

1 Sweet Baby Boy gift bag
1 roll of white wrapping paper
a few sheets of white tissue paper
1 spool of 1 1/2" dark brown ribbon
1 spool of 1 1/2" Sahara Stripe ribbon (teal and brownish)


And of course, my favorite gift topper:

Kelly loved the gift and the shower was fun, but all this baby talk and shopping really get's me on the baby train again...

As if I wasn't tortured enough at work by all of the adorable babies that come into the restaurant,  now I can't get babies off the brain at home.  I keep picturing all of the baby girls that come in dressed in tiny leggings, poofy skirts and flower headbands, and the baby boys dressed in tiny polos and golf shorts.  My heart melts at least 5 times a day and any co-worker can vouge that I've had a case for baby fever ever since Scott and I got engaged.

Since Scott just had a birthday (another festivities post coming soon), it's starting to really sink in that we're not getting any younger.  He's got 11 years on me and even though he acts 21 12 years old some times, his age is his age...the "we need to start talking about babies" age.

People keep telling me that when they see my name pop up on their call ID they think it's me calling to tell them I'm pregnant.  Well...this isn't the case, just yet.  Scott and I still have some settling in to do, not to mention the continued job and house search that's going on.

Do I want a baby? Yes.  Sooner than later, at that.  I guess everything happens when it's supposed to and all we can do is trust God's timing for it.

Until then, I'll continue to swoon over the cuite pies that waddle into the restaurant.

  • What's your favorite present to buy for a baby shower?
  • Is there ever a good "time" to start thinking about babies?

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