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Friday, January 27, 2012


Wednesday night Scott and I went to the Back9Network's Launch Party.  We got invited by a friend and thought it would be great to finally check out ICEBAR Orlando.  That...we certainly did.


If you've never been to an ICEBAR before, it's definitely something worth checking out.  Beyond the ice, there's a regular temperature bar with seating and a large dance floor area.  Check out the virtual 360 degree inside tour.

The coats you see in the tour outline the actual ICEBAR, which is an extremely chilly 20 degrees, made entirely from ice.  Tables, chairs, decorations and even cups were stone cold.

Don't worry: you don't have to wear a parka here...
They provide one for you.

Or at least a version of that...

The event was great, and we are excited to see what the Back 9 Network is all about.  Look out for it airing in the near future.

There was a variety of talent there and The Voice 2011 Winner Javier Colon kicked off the party off.  Al B. Sure! and Flava Flav joined in and the crowd enjoyed their renditions of "There Goes My Baby."

Here's a talent highlight video:

Contrary to what most people might think about the bar and location, I think this venue would be a great place for tourists AND locals to go out.

International Drive used to scream the word tourist to me, but Scott and I have been enjoying dinners, movies and outings in the area lately.  You're okay, I-Drive.

I'm sure we'll be back to the ICEBAR soon.
We've got a Groupon to use :)

Check it.

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