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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins

Q: "Why won't my hair grow?"
I blow dry it, straighten it, curl it, tease it, color it....oh.

Q: "What can take to clear up my skin?"
There's a lot more solutions than not sleeping in your make-up.

 Q: "How can I strengthen & lengthen my nails?"
There's more than just kicking your nervous habit of biting them.

Let's start with hair.  I will be the first to admit that I was NOT blessed with beautiful locks, but instead fight with it every day to be curly, straight, or somewhere in-between.  Since this isn't ever really going to change I finally accepted the fact that I will have to harm work with it whenever I want to wear it down.

To make up for the damage I'm putting into it I decided to finally take my hairdresser's advice: 

Take Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins. seriously.

While preparing for my wedding day, I wanted to do everything I could to get my skin it's clearest, my hair it's shiniest and my nails their thickest...even though I ended up using acrylics. ;)

I was on a mission to find what Hair, Skin & Nails supplements would work the best for me and I found my daily vitamin routine after asking a helpful worker at my neighborhood Chamberlins.  Cha-what?! Think of the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC as a grocery store and that's what makes up the Chamberlins Market & Cafe.  You can find great HS&N supplements at any of the stores I just listed, online, or even some at your local grocery store if it has a big pharmacy.

So you're saying you're blessed with long, un-breakable nails or thick, dye-free, "I don't need to straighten it" hair?
I'm not sure we can be friends.
There are still tons of benefits of taking hair, skin & nail vitamins.

First, nail vitamins can prevent hangnails and also thickens nails to prevent them from breaking.  Have you ever seen those crazy looking white stripes or bands on your nail beds?

These vitamins can also prevent whatever those are.

As for your locks, vitamins can transform your hair from dull to shiny, prevent breakage and thicken it in no time...not to mention give you radiant, even glowing skin:

Oh, hi perfection.

Vitamins do wonders, but you can always do other things to improve your skin, hair and nail health as well.  *TIP: Don’t leave nail polish on for too long, wash your face on a regular basis and use quality hair products.

In case you missed it, I shared my Everyday Skincare & Everyday Hair Care & Products routines earlier this month.  Maintaining healthy everyday routines produces healthy skin, hair and nails.

Now that I've sold you *fingers crossed* on HS&N Vitamins, here's a quick breakdown on my daily supplement routine:

I start every morning (after coffee of course) with a One a Day Women's.

Don't worry, guys...there's a One a Day Men's, or you can always stick with any other One a Day Vitamin.  The point of taking this is to make sure my body is getting all of the essential vitamins & minerals it needs, every day.

After my One a Day, I put 10 drops of Jarrosil in 4-8 oz. of water or juice.

I was torn between which all over HS&N supplement to choose, and my friend at Chamberlin's recommended this one the most.  It's main ingredient is silicon and it not only beautifies HS&N, it strengthens bones, joints and collagen.  After being on it for about 4 months now, I can already tell a  difference, mostly that my hair is stronger and looks shinier. *GO JARROW!*

The last component of my daily vitamin regimen is Omega 3 Natural Fish Body Oils.

Fish Oil Supplements improve the look and feel of your skin, and can even play a role in clearing up your complexion.  *BONUS: Not only is this great for your skin, but fish oil is great for your overall body's health, brain & eyes.

It's recommended to take 2 or more pills a day, but in my case I take 3 (directed again by Chamberlin's) because I never very rarely eat fish.

I'm pretty good about taking giant horse pills, but for those of you that get intimidated by them, you can also find the Omega 3 Liquid Supplement.

There it is: my best effort towards having Barbie hair, skin & nails.

Just kidding (kind of)...I'm a big fan of taking vitamins because they do a great deal to restore your health.  HS&N vitamins are very important to your general well being, and you will quickly see the benefits after you begin taking them.

What are some of your staple supplements?

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