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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WOW: Living on a Prayer

Ohhh, we're half way there, oh-OH Livin' on a... Plan?

Last week was a busy one and I never got to share a Word of Wisdom with you.  When this week rolled around I became anxious the get back to sharing the Word this Wednesday.  My last WOW: Peace Out post, was all about finding peace in any situation you get into or stumble upon.  This week, I wanted to take that idea a step further and go from accepting the situation to trusting in God's plan for us.

I'm a planner.  I always have been and I always will be.  I'm the girl people always copied notes from in school because I have a complex about everything looking exactly the right way, circled, highlighted and mapped things out for future use.  Don't even get me started about planning our wedding...did you SEE my Wedding Notebook? Maybe I should consider wedding planning as a career?  Maybe not...been there, done that & blogged about it... ;)

But what happens in life when you don't have a Notebook to go by?  I'm happy to share that for the first time in my life I'm accepting that God will be planning it from here on out.

Proverbs 16:9
In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.  

 This past year has been an epic one for us filled with happy, life-changing moments.  A friend (and fellow blogger) of mine has had a crazy and even more dramatic year than I have, so I'm also writing this WOW for her.  Like her's it's been one of my most challenging years to date after being in a traumatic car accident, taking in a stray dog with heartworm and continuous trips to the vets, planning our dream wedding, fighting my accident in court, going to the E.R. and getting staples put into my head, losing my license for a quick minute and the list goes on.  To top this year off, my husband's job disappeared within a blink of an eye 3 weeks before the wedding and he is now looking for a new one (ie: a new life for us). 

My plans?  Well, they're pretty much out the window.  Six months ago we had the next year ahead completely mapped out.  I was going to leave my part-time job, we were going to finally look for a house and I was going to spend the year getting it set up while completing my final season as a dancer for the NBA.  The big finale of our year's plan? Starting a family.  Yup, we had literally planned out what month and day we would start trying, which happened to be around my birthday in April.

Where are we now?  Still happy and optimistic, but not doing any of the things I just listed.  THAT is just so frustrating to me.  With Scott looking for a new job, the possibilities of where we will end up are endless...and bit overwhelming.

If there's anything I've learned from our world being turned upside down, it's that everything DOES happen for a reason.  I know, I know...that sounds so cliche, but it's just the more common version of "God has a plan for you."  I've always told people that advice, but never truly believed it myself until the last few years.  God DOES have a plan for you and for everyone.  Everything happens for a reason and falls into place when it's supposed to.  So when you're asking yourself "why?!" or "why now?" in the Lord, He knows what He's doing.

And for all of the planners out there like me...don't worry.  You can still keep your beautiful, color-coded planners.
Just pencil some of those plans in, will you?


  1. Great tips for us obsessive planners! I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "Pencil Some of those plans In." Without taking action all the planning in the world is meaningless. There is the old saying that there is no such thing as luck, that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. I believe that to be 100% true.

    Even though you are a planner you also take action towards your goals even if they are baby steps. You consistently "show up to the game" which creates amazing opportunities for you regardless of what curve-ball life throws you.

  2. Chris, great line "There is no such thing as luck, that luck is preparation meeting opportunity." So true. Baby steps are just as important as the big ones, because without them the big ones wouldn't happen.

    Thanks for the compliment and encouraging words! :)


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