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Thursday, December 22, 2011

13.1 Miles

 I guess the cat's out of the box bag...

I love to run.
I love to run outside.
I love to run outside with friends.

When I heard some of them were signing up for the Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic, I hopped right on board.  Being able to run a half-marathon has been a serious goal of mine for the past few years.  There were just a few things that always seemed to get in the way...

I've never had the time to train, until now.  I've never had the drive to train, until now.  I never thought I would actually register and train for a Half-Marathon Race until NOW!

I guess I'M IN when it's "Facebook Official" right?! ;)

I've been pre-training by doing a series of 3-mile runs, every other day or so for the past week and a half.  Next week (Yup, the day after Christmas) starts my first official Training Week 1 and I couldn't be more excited to get to it already!

*TIP: Before even thinking of training for a half-marathon, make sure you can keep a steady run for at least 30 minutes without stopping.  Once you feel comfortable with that, you're ready to start Week 1!

Throughout my 10 Week Training process, I am going to do a Weekend Update as each week goes by on how it's going.  I'll record and share the training program I'm following, my times and distances, my playlists and any tips I pick up along the way.

*STEP 1: Enjoy my last "leisure" pre-training runs: Check.

 *STEP 2: Get my perfect pair of running shoes: Check.

It's amazing how different your run can feel when you're equipped with the right tools.

 Next on my list? A Garmin Forerunner 210 Watch:


Santa's already been too good to me this year with our new iMac, a new iPhone 4S & his-and-her running shoes, so I guess I'll add this one to my early birthday list ;)

*STEP 3: Get started!  C'mon Monday, December 26th!

Off to my last day of work.  Ahhh... I have a feeling it's going to be a very Happy New Year.

Happy Saturday Everyone! :)

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