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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lake Eola Run

Do you ever like to go for a run outside?  I mean, really thoroughly enjoy a hard run while looking at something like this:

or this...

I have, but I'll be the first to admit that I don't do it enough.  (Sorry to the Northerners who are about to read this...but...) The weather this morning was absolutely gorgeous for the end of December.  It was mid-70s and there were about 2 coulds in the sky.

I've been on a serious running kick lately. Since I had the day off yesterday my mom and I decided to head over to Lake Eola, located in the heart of downtown Orlando.  Scott joined in on the fun at the last minute, and I'm sad to say he circled us a time or two...that man can runnnn!

Well, that wasn't a good example, but I have to admit that I'm impressed with Mr. Hesington's running speed.

Our morning started right at 9am with a quick stretch, a warm-up walk and a 4-mile run.  The path circling the lake is right under a mile (0.9), so it's pretty simple to track how far you've gone.  Because I'm anal and like to know exactly what my time, speed and location is, I also use the iMapMyRUN app on my iPhone.  Man, those things really do everything.

*TIP: Make sure to search for the FREE version, which includes all of the main features:

source: App Store - iMapMyRUN

All you need is a username & password to sign up.  Enter in your height, weight, sex, and birthday and you're reading to RUN!

I really wish I lived closer to Lake Eola because running just seems so much easier here.

Although I'm not the biggest fan of birds they come out of no where and steal my food, I couldn't help but notice all of the ducks and swans that reside here.

There really are tons of them...

Nevertheless, every time I came across a swan on my running path, it made me smile :)

There's always people walking, running, and just enjoying being outdoors at Lake Eola.  I saw a dad with his two little boys walking our path and we circled him a few times.  Each time we passed, the younger one was on his shoulders and the older boy (who was only about 4 years old) was paddling away on his scooter.  Every time we met the older one gave me the cutest smile and wave, which made me want to go on a walk with my kids there someday...whenever that happens.

I was proud of my mom, who kept up with us every step of the way.  She's been a runner for over 25 years now, and it was great to enjoy a run with her on a beautiful morning in Orlando.

To finish the morning off right, we headed over to one of my favorite places to grab an omelet, Dexters in Thornton Park.  I LOVE that area and don't get to spend enough time there either.  If we end up staying in Orlando I have a feeling we will be looking at places in that area.

As usual, Dexter's was great.  We showed up about 20 minutes after they stopped serving breakfast, but were nice enough to ignore the fact to make me one of my favorite omelets to date:

Egg whites, ham & sauteed green peppers, tomatoes and onions served with fresh fruit and wheat toast. Y-U-M.

  • What are some of your favorite places to run?
  • Any other iPhone running apps I'm missing out on?


  1. Hi Heather! Glad to have connected on twitter! Look forward to your posts!

  2. Hi Lisa, me too! I'm glad I have a fellow barre blogger out there :)


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