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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Right-Hand Plan

What I thought would be a 5 minute trip to Office Depot turned into an hour of browsing aisle after aisle of office supplies.

Does anyone else have this problem?

It was in the late-afternoon and I had about 2 hours to knock some Christmas shopping out.  "Oh I'll just go ahead and grab some index cards I need," I think to myself as I strategically map out the closest Office Max or Depot.

I was very particular with what note cards I wanted, and once I found the neon color-coded pack I had the brilliant idea of picking out my 2012 planner.  "I'll just go take a look," I continued to think and wandered over to the calendar and journal section.

What started out as getting a little notepad for my purse turned into 30 minutes of playing This-or-That: Planner Edition.  Picking out the perfect planner may not be a difficult task for some, but it certainly is for me.  I have so much attachment to a planner I carry around everywhere I go for an entire year, to the point that it feels like a child.

Laugh all you want...I'm seriously that girl from 27 Dresses who doesn't do anything in life without jotting it down in her planner first.

My perfect planner needs to have the basic requirements:
  • monthly overview calendar page at the beginning of each month
  • day-to-day breakdown with enough space to write numerous tasks in per day
  • monthly dividers
  • durable cover
  • cute appearance
With that said, I went to the basic business planners first, knowing they would offer the most organization.  They were practical, but weren't going to cut it as my right-hand plan.

They were cute, but weren't going to keep me organized...

Planner after planner seemed to have the same issues until...

Tabs? Check.  Monthly outline? Check.  Enough room to write? Check!  Now if there was just a cute cover to top it all off.

I was soooooooo close!

I'm not sure if you can tell what's different about the above line of planners, but there's something creative you can add to make it your own. Eventually, I went back to Office Depot and purchased one of these, but I couldn't have made that decision without checking out Barnes&Noble's selection first, of course.

Cute? Check.  Room to write? Check...but where are my organizational tabs?

Needless to say, I didn't get any Christmas shopping done that day.  Apparently I'm the person who sits and analyzes planners (while taking pictures of them) in the middle of office supply and bookstores.

Not weird at all.  Oh, the life of a blogger.

Keep your eye out for the follow up to this post, as I reveal what I did to make the "soooo close" planner my right-hand plan for 2012.

  • Does anyone else spend a seemingly ridiculous amount of time picking out their planner?
  • Where does your planner come from every year?


  1. Haha, I am the EXACT SAME way! I have to look at Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Target & Walmart before I can make a decision. I Haven't even searched for mine yet but it will be a long, drawn out process :)

  2. you're so funny!! as a matter of fact, amanda and i sat and had numerous conversations about our planners, the methodology for picking one, and the criteria that has to be met. i would say we're all in the same boat!! it takes FOR.EVER to pick one out... i start in november, lol! i ordered a moleskine 18 month planner for 2010-2011 that i liked ok, but it didn't meet all the criteria. this year i found one at target that met it all. that's where amanda found hers too!

  3. @Jenna, that is exactly what I do too! (Obviously) This year I was trying to refrain spending any more time on it and settled with 2 stores for options. Good luck finding yours!

    @Xio, I was actually thinking of you girls as I was writing this post, because we say at that table in the dressing room talking about this for an hour the other day! I was going to make sure you saw this one and I have been laughing to myself about it. I liked the moleskin too, but I agree about not having everything ;)


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