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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3 Things for Christmas

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" seems to be an understatement at the Hesington household this year.

We've broken out the Christmas Decorations, put up the Christmas Tree and all that was left were some quick & easy finishing touches.  It wouldn't surprise Scott if I came home every day with something else to add to our decor, but I've stopped myself here.  Hopefully, you can use these 3 Things to help motivate your Christmas decorating:

1.   Mistletoe Kiss Potpourri.

If you happened to catch my Fall Decor or 3 Things for Fall post, you know I'm a stickler for holiday scents.  I'm not the traditional potpourri lover, and instead go for the seasonal bags that look AND smell equally appealing.

I got this Mistletoe Kiss Potpourri from The Fresh Market for $4.99.  The large glass bowl holding them was a wedding gift from Crate&Barrel, which turned out to be the perfect addition to the coffee table.

2. Christmas Scented Candles.

Whether you have a live tree or not, Christmas Scented candles can bring the holidays to your home in one quick flick of a light. Pictured is Yankee Candle's Balsam & Cedar.

Scott picked this one and a few others up on Black Friday from the Yankee store for Buy One Get One 50% off.  Gold Star!

3.  Ornament Garland.

Scott gets another gold star for this one because he did this all by himself.  I mean...I do all of the decorating while Scott does things like work out and grill steaks...

We picked these strands of colorful Ornament Garland from Target last year in their After Christmas Sale.  You can find versions of it this year as well as the colorful garland from our Christmas tree in stores or online.  Big, bright and colorful ornaments go perfectly with our tree:

More Whoville, go figure.

*TIP: It doesn't have to take an entire weekend and a team of elves to bring the Holidays home to you.  Start with 3 Things, and keep adding to it little by little, day by day!

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