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Monday, December 5, 2011

Playing Catch-up

After a complete whirlwind of a weekend (including yesterday)...this girl is ready for a break!  As I'm transitioning between jobs, performing in The Singing Christmas Trees, working on side projects and keeping up with this blog it's been a crazy ride for a few weeks.

Today Scott left for Okinawa, Japan to go on a military tour to perform for our troops.  He will be traveling with a group of NFL cheerleaders and has an opportunity to show some of our men and women overseas support through entertainment shows, which you can read more about here.

What will be be doing exactly? Lots of skits...and will be wearing something like this:

No, not really.  But he will be dressed up and ready to entertain.  And that mustache?  Yup...he's still got it from Movember.  I thought I would be in the clear by December 1st, but I was wrong.  Apparently if you're going on a trip to Japan you HAVE to go with a fu manchu.

My mistake.

Since he's gone I will have a chance to catch up on my mile-long TO-DO list that keeps getting pushed aside.  I'm going to miss him terribly, but it will feel good to get some things done around here.  Besides getting some much needed R&R, I'm looking forward to being productive around the house but I'm even more excited about playing catch-up.

You know...the usual:
Laundry, clean out my closet, catch up on some organizing, spend some QT with these girls:

and go on a run or two with this guy:

Speaking of Roadie, look what we saw on our way in for dinner at Texas Roadhouse last night :

Apparently, there looking for dogs like him.  Even though we found him wandering aimlessly in our condo's parking lot, you guys had your chances to claim him last year....we're keeping him, Thank you! :)

We've already got our Christmas Decor and our Christmas Tree up this year, but I'm just now getting around to rummaging through our Christmas music.  Between the two of us, Scott and I have collected quite a variety, and I'm determined to find Mannheim Steamroller.  I absolutely LOVE them and it all started with my mom playing it as we decorated our tree each year growing up.

They're coming to Universal this year and shows have already started.

Photo courtesy of the Orlando Informer

I'm keeping my fingers crossed we can go when Scott gets back.
Speaking of music, PLEASE tell me I'm not alone on this one...

I just can't get enough of Linus & Lucy this year! I've always loved the song, but some reason when hearing it this year in particular it makes me stop whatever I'm doing and dance like this:

Personally, my style is like the two twin girls in the purple dresses bouncing side to side.  Besides that, the guy in orange shuffling is my second favorite.  It's just SO good and hearing the song or seeing this video puts me in the best mood.

Beyond Christmas music, I'll be playing catch-up on my blog posting.  Since Scott took the camera this week I upload allllll of the pictures I've been wanting to write about.  I've made a goal for myself to also upload all of the pictures I've been meaning to on Facebook.

No excuses...I'm doing it!

Although I don't have an iPhone right now (you would probably roll on the floor if I told you about my bad luck with them)...I have my beloved MacBook and I'm putting her to good use this week.

Off to barre I go.  See you a lot this week! :)

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