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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Singing Christmas Trees Video + Recap

I'm sure by now most of you know I was in The Singing Christmas Trees production at First Baptist Church of Orlando this year.  I dance at church with the Rejoice Dance Ministry and had the pleasure of performing with the Dance & Drama back in 2009 and again this season.

*All of the photos I used in this post are from a very talented photographer and member of our church, Tim Smith.  

All photos are from HONOR Photography.

The shows went GREAT! I had a lot of support from my friends and family, and someone I knew came to see the show, every showing.  Kudos, Orlando friends!

I'm excited to say the Trees will be aired on television, beginning this Sunday, December 18th.  The show is just under 2 hours long, but for those of you who would like to see the shorter version, there is a snippet "episode" of the show at the bottom of this post.

The main part I dance in is a number called "Gotta Buy," which is an original song about going shopping on Black Friday.  I'm wearing a green dress and you'll see me mostly in the front left.

Things you should take note of:

This video doesn't show our "Sleigh Ride" snowflake dance.  Even though it was short, I really liked that part and thought it was adorable.

After "Gotta Buy" it goes into "Jingle Bells" which is made up of around 120 kid elves!  Every time we ran through the show I rushed out to see this number because they were SO stinking adorable.

 My FAVORITE a little nugget named Elliot all the way on the right side of the stage (on the stairs), and you'll see him late in the dance come up on stage.

Oh wait, I almost forgot....maybe my favorite is this one!

 It's a tough call, because Elliot was also Jesus as a toddler.

The show is filled with traditional choir, a full orchestra, and an entertaining storyline.  One of my other favorite parts is when a fellow dancer, Xio got to do a quick solo in the snow during "I'll Be Home For Christmas."

Here are a few more dancers in "I'll Be Home..."

 I loved EVERYTHING.  Mary, Joseph, and all of the soloists were great!

And of course, the flashback scene.  This is where Grandpa tells the little boy Max how he met his grandmother.


I had such a great experience dancing in the show and I'm hoping for an opportunity to be a part of it again.

Great job Singing Christmas Trees 2011!

You will be able to catch the full show televised, starting this weekend.  As promised, here is a 25 minute snippet of what you can expect to see from the show, a video I pulled off of YouTube:

Full Show Showtimes:
Airing on:

WFTV (Channel 9 in Central Orlando), Bright House Cable 7 and HD 1090
2 hour version with commercials.
  • Sunday, December 18th @2pm
  • Saturday, December 24th @1pm
WTGL-TV, (Channel 19 in Central Orlando), Bright House Channel 45
  • Saturday, December 24th @3pm
 Hope you can catch one!  Alright...I've got to go finish some Christmas shopping..."Gotta Buy!!!!"


  1. congrats on all of your hard work Heather! looked like it was awesome. i vote for you to have a solo dance, and i'm guessing it's already on everyone else's mind too! soo much talent :)

  2. Thanks Annabelle! :) You are too sweet...

  3. Awesome! Who taped it? Just curious.

  4. @jimboboy: I'm not sure who taped it, but the video was uploaded by Florida Leisure onto YouTube.


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