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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scottish Highland Games

Aye, Aye!
This weekend Scott and I channeled our inner Scottish selves.

Scott is part "Scott"ish (ha!), Irish & English, and has interested me in learning as much as I can about Celtic traditions and heritage.  When we heard it was time for the Scottish Highland Games, we were all about it.

The first rule of attending a festival just for Scots is to try their food.  I opted for a delicious Shepherd's Pie with a side of IRN BRU:

(both were ridiculously delicious.)

while others preferred ground sheep's pluck (heart, liver and lungs), also known as Scottish Haggis.

I don't care if having a bite of that is considered good luck for a year or not... I'm pretty sure that was my one and only time experiencing that.  I just wish I had I a picture of my face when I found out what I just put in my mouth - EEK!

Luckily, I quickly got distracted by the sheep tossing contest.

Although they weren't real sheep...the women were tossing real weights over on the other side.

After the games, Scott and I tried to find anything with "Hess" on it, since that's where Hesington stems from.

No such luck... but I did find a Claddagh Ring!

To summarize the rest of our day: there was sheep herding...

some axe throwing...

some elk skinned new friends...

 and some kilt wearing men...

The remainder of the details are found in this (what I found to be entertaining) video:

Hope you enjoyed it.  Cheerio! :)

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