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How do I prepare for a photo shoot?  What's the best way to get a tan without harming my skin?  How can I get an acrylic look without going to the nail salon? What can I do to change-up my cardio workout?

HERE is where you will find the answers to all of those questions as well as a compilation of all my best Health & Beauty tricks.

I mentioned on the about HB&SH page that I have worked as a professional dancer, enabling me to learn some great beauty tricks and secrets.  Dancing in college, I was considered an athlete and trained alongside football players, soccer players, cheerleaders, and everyone in-between.

Over the past 8 years I've acquired countless tricks, meal plans, workouts, and daily routines to now know what works best for me as far in health, beauty, nutrition & fitness. 

Will everything work the same on everyone reading this? Maybe, maybe not...but is what I know!

All my favorites...

beauty tricks:
health tips:

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