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Friday, December 9, 2011

Cheers to Baby's

Have you ever been to a place "where everybody knows your name..."?  On television in the 80s and early 90s it was a place called Cheers.  In our lives, it's a place called Baby Grands.

Over the past year, Scott and I have been there...hmm...probably 172 times.  We're not the type of people who like to frequent the same place over and over, but when you find good company it's hard to stray away.

Baby's is known to central Orlando as a dueling piano bar where you can take a load off, listen to live music and let your hair down.  The average patron would have an entertaining, but low-key night...unless you're there to celebrate a special occasion.  Then, you should probably be prepared to spend at least part of your night in the spotlight.

Somehow on this night I was convinced to sing on stage...with a microphone, for no specific reason:

Pleasing to the ears? Probably not.  Entertaining? Certainly.
 For our Pre-Wedding Celebration, we participated in an interpretive song and dance. Thanks Bridal Party...

Having a birthday?  Don't even think you can come to Baby's on your birthday without getting put up there:

You're either going to have to participate in a song, or spin the infamous Wheel of Destiny.

Scott & Megan's Birthday - Nov. 2010

It's all in good fun and proves to be a great time.  The musicians there are awesome and seem to know every song from Billy Joel to 50 Cent.  They play a variety of songs and genres, and spend most of the night filling requests and embarrassing people on stage.

I guess you can say we've been here a time or fifty two...

Scott's birthday - Nov. 2011

Coming in with our group of friends we've gotten to know the owner pretttty well.  His name is Leo an he is a great guy who is always willing to hang out, share some stories and help out with events.  Leo and Scott's birthdays are only a day apart so we make sure to come in and celebrate with him:

Baby's is an ideal venue for a company night out.  They host parties and was the official venue of The Sweethearts for Soldiers Fundraiser I helped out with last month.

After Magic games last year, it became the after-spot for us and we pretty much owned the last booth there.

St. Patricks Day - March 2011

After an Orlando Magic Game in Dec 2010.

What can I say?
When you find good company and great service, it's hard not to keep coming back.  Baby Grands has definitely become our group of friend's go-to night out and I'm sure we'll continue celebrating birthdays, events or even Friday nights out.

Even if it was just last weekend:

Surprise!!! We're at Baby's for your birthday, Danielle!

Obviously, we love this place.  If you're ever in Orlando I would highly recommend checking it out!

Maybe...just maybe we'll be here waiting for you.

What? That's completely normal...

And so are we.

Baby Grands Dueling Piano Bar
54 West Church Street, Suite 250
Orlando, FL 32801

Do you have a place "where everybody knows your name?"

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