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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Doggie Park Date

Today was a great day for both Roadie and I. I got to spend the morning with my dear friend, Katie and he fell in love with his new girlfriend, Isabelle or Izzy.

Katie arrived around 9am with Izzy and a present in hand.  She found this tennis ball at the pet store and had to get it for me, since it said HB <-- my nickname.

I love this!  Although it was perfect for the dog park, I didn't take it with us because I didn't want to risk it getting dirty.  Understandable? I think so.

We let the dogs get to know each other at home while we had a quick breakfast at First Watch.  I'm no longer serving there, but I have been craving this Greek Fetish Omelet for a week now, so we stopped in to say hello.

It's an omelet, yes...but I chose to make it a sandwich with an English muffin, a tomato slice and cut the eggs into thirds. :)

After breakfast we headed over to Dr. Phillips Community Park.  I love coming here and I know Roadie does too.  What's not to love?

There's beautiful ladies.


Small Talk.

Trampling me with high fives (on my TOMS). #fail

Security Duties.

Running (too fast for cameras)...seriously they were lightning fast! and... Last but not least, lots of hugs from Mom.

For the rest of the day Roadie has been tuckered out...poor guy.  Dreaming of his new loves, I'm sure.  

 Hope you are getting to enjoy the Holidays with friends 
(and doggie park dates).

Happy Thursday!

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