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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Drink Chia!

Are chia seeds the new acai berry superfood?

Chia is becoming more and more popular among health enthusiasts, athletes and families.  I heard about chia seeds a few months ago, but didn't really think twice of what they were and why people were eating them. 


After shrugging the idea off for a while, I'm finally realizing how beneficial these little seeds could be for my diet, exercise and body.

Chia seeds provide protein, good fats and fiber, and its uses are comparable to flax or sesame seeds.  You can eat them whole, sprinkle them on top of your meals, and even drink them.

I was recently introduced to DrinkChia! and tried it for the first time after my run yesterday.  Right away, I was sold by the nutritious benefits, the naturally sweet flavor, and the Omega-3 content.  Since I'm not a huge fan of fish, I take Omega-3 supplements as part of my Everyday Vitamins Routine to supplement my need for fatty acid.

After comparing this 8oz bottle of DrinkChia! (880mg of Omega-3 + 290mg of Omega-6 + 100mg of Omega-9) to my bottle of Omega-3 Pills (1000mg of Omega-3 only), I realized this drink alone could replace my need for taking any kind of Fish Body Oils.

What does it taste like?  Exactly what the label comes in 3 different flavors (for now) including Honeysuckle Pear, Strawberry Citrus and Mango Tangerine.

Can you taste the chia seeds and does it have a weird texture?

You can taste the seeds but the texture is just like drinking orange juice with pulp.  The seeds are packed in the all organic, all-natural juice and it blends nicely.  Just don't forget to Shake it Baby!

Chill, Shake, and DrinkChia!'s pretty simple.

What else should you know?  

Besides giving you 880mg of Omega-3, it's loaded with antioxidants, it's gluten-free, and it only has 4 grams of sugar coming to 40 calories per 8oz. bottle.

Chia is a superfood and is proven to help hydration, endurance, heart health and brain power.  For more information about it's nutritional benefits, visit the DrinkChia! Nutrition Page.

DrinkChia! should not replace your need for a protein drink, but is recommended to be part of your morning breakfast, afternoon snack, or pre/post workout meals.

You can buy DrinkChia! online, or at Orlando venues.  The stores I'm most familiar with are Fresh Market, Chamberlin's and Track Shack, but you can find a complete list of distributors here.

 I'm looking forward to enjoying DrinkChia! as part of my half-marathon training for the next 10 weeks, and for years to come.

Stay posted for recipes and even a possible giveaway of DrinkChia! coming soon...


Do you incorporate chia seeds into your diet?  How?


  1. I use Chia seeds in smoothies and even throw them into pasta sauce or salads - I haven't tried the Chia drinks- that will be my next move - thanks for the info!!

  2. That's great Anna-Marie, I really want to try adding chia seeds to smoothies and even oatmeal first, and then go from there. Pasta sauce and salads is a great suggestion too! :)

  3. I put them in my green smoothies of course! (my vitamix pulverizes if i make my smoothie the night before i can't use too much because they break up, blend in, and then get gelatinous-so the smoothie will be too thick - found THAT out the hard way ;-) And sometimes put them into my healthy fried rice too!

    Curious about the drink though. ;-)


    1. Ahhh! I can't stand it anymore, I need to replace my broken Magic Bullet already so I can make me some green smoothies! That would be GREAT for chia seeds! Healthy Fried rice...another awesome meal for chia to be sprinkled into. I'll have to get that recipe from you! :)

      You can find DrinkChia in Fresh Markets in the drink (and sometimes dairy) isle. Let me know if you try it!


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