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Friday, January 13, 2012

Black & White Party Flare

I like to think I have a pretty good fashion sense.

My goal with my wardrobe is to create sassy (but classy), fun outfits on a reasonable budget.  As much as I would love to get a new outfit for every occasion from a label or boutique store, I try my hardest to bargain shop whenever possible.

Last Friday night, Scott and I went to a Black & White themed birthday party and I didn't have a clue as to what I would be wearing until a couple hours prior.  I took a risk counting on being able to pull an outfit out from you know where, and to my surprise it turned pretty good:

I'm sorry the lighting and background is awful.  As soon as I realized "Oh, these accessories would be a great topic to write about..." my camera died, and I had to rely on my go-to camera backup: the iPhone in and elevator.

Before we get into my favorite parts about this outfit, let's breakdown the basics of where I got what:

Blazer: GAP (hand me down)
Dress: Urban Outfitters (sale rack)
Belt: Forever 21
Clutch: Express

As for my accessories, well that's what I like to call my  
Black & White Party Flare.


1. Dramatic Necklace

It's fun to make a statement with jewelry, especially when it's a fun and sparkly necklace.  I got this one from Aldo Accessories, a store that leaves the shoes and sells only accessories from Aldo.

2. Glittery Tights

I also got these glittery tights on sale at Aldo Accessories.  I originally bought them for New Years, but I ended up wearing a sequin dress instead.  A pair of sparkly tights is an easy way to instantly dress up an outfit, especially when it's Black & White.

3. Ankle Bow Boots

I got these over two years ago, but keep bringing them out because they are so comfortable.  They were my very first pair of ankle boots and I fell in love with the bow on the outside of each heel.  These were purchased from Forever 21 for under $25.

4.  Red Lips

This outfit is a perfect example of when you can make bright lips the focal point of what you're wearing.  I got more compliments at the party on my lips than anything else.  Pictured is a gift from a friend, Red Salsa Salsa from Mary Kay.  I don't think they sell this shade anymore, but Really RED is pretty similar.

*You didn't think I would go fully Black & White from head to toe did you?  

5. Bracelets

More bling from Aldo, but these were purchased at the regular shoe store.  The set I bought came in a variety pack of 10 different bracelets, and they've become my favorite last minute addition to a lot of outfits.  I loved the different shades of black and grey for $18.

The goal is to get creative by thinking outside of the "Black & White Party" box.  You never know when you'll run into a cute Black Jack dealer in a snazzy vest and bow tie... ;)

Who knew?

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