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Thursday, January 12, 2012

In the News

January 11th was an exciting day for me.  If you saw yesterday's post, you now know my Word of the Year for 2012.

I still have no idea what to expect in the future, but it seems as though my create mantra has already started.  I'm excited to announce that DrinkChia! is officially sponsoring me in training for my half-marathon and I have happily accepted to be a  
Mover and Shaker: Friend of DrinkChia!

After meeting with them yesterday, I left their offices all smiles for what's to come.  Last week, a friend of mine told me she enjoyed my DrinkChia! post and was intrigued to try the drink out for herself.  Before I had a chance to finish, "Well you can find it at Fresh Market...," she shouted:

"Did you know that if you google Drink Chia you come up right away?"  

Google Image search: Drink Chia

That's pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Later today just for fun, I googled "Drink Chia Blog" and what do you know...there I am In the News!

Just to be clear: I didn't share all of this to say, "hey... look at me... I DrinkChia! and I'm cool..."

Instead, I posted about this to show you that everyone starts somewhere.  Blogging has inspired me to live (and write) my life to it's fullest, and share my experiences with you.

It could only take one goal, one post, one twitter comment, or one review to get noticed and BAM! a partnership could follow.

Well...thank you, Drink Chia! :)

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." -Casablanca.


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