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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Dateiversary

New Years Weekend 2012 was exactly what I had hoped for...ANYTHING other than 2011.

Don't get me wrong: I love where we are and how we got here, but holy cannoli did we get tried this year.  Besides a trip to Italy and our Wedding Day, this year has been nothing but challenges for Scott and me.  Instead of going through what was horrible about it, I'll save you all the negativity and just say we are truly looking forward to a New Year, a new start and a new life in 2012.

Scott and I started dating 4 years ago and our "date"iversary is officially New Years Day.  Every year we like to celebrate it by going out with friends NYE and hanging low at home on NYD. 

Saturday, New Years Eve:

Our weekend started with a 4-mile run around our neighborhood.  In case you missed it, I posted Week 1 of my half-marathon training and you can catch up on how it's going every Saturday until the race.

When we got upstairs we ate a quick lunch and started getting ready for the night's festivities.  Scott and I were excited to open one of the bottles of champagne he brought back from his recent trip to Paris.  Ohhh la la!

This picture taken from my Instagram gallery.

While Scott did some stuff around the house, I got my beauty primping on.

Like I said, we have been looking forward to 2012 for quite some time now.  I took advantage of getting ready for it in every way including a new sequin dress from Express, new Steve Madden nude pumps, a new necklace from Aldo Accessories and of course, two of my go-to Fashion Favorites: Sally Hansen Nail Strips in Glitz Blitz + Pink (or Coral) Lips.

Pictured above is MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Full Speed.

A group of us got together for something different this year.  Instead of just going downtown like every NYE, we went to the James Bond 007 Party at the Enzian Theater.  

If you live in Orlando, I would recommend checking Enzian out for dinner and a movie.  It's the only place I know of that you actually get dinner served while you're watching a movie inside a theater.  

The theater inside and outside bar make it a great venue for low key date night, or a fun night out for a Holiday.


Sunday, New Years Day:

We spent our Dateiversary doing exactly what I envision as the perfect day.  We slept in without an alarm, stayed in our pajamas until 4pm, and had cinnamon rolls for lunch:

We like to "go big or go home" at the Hesington household, and to be honest with you I feel perfectly okay about eating two rolls, with the 4 training days ahead of us this week.

"Lunch" was followed by lots of lounging, watching the Season Finale of The X-Factor, and comfy slippers.

Eventually we got dressed to celebrate our Dateiversary by going to a great restaurant by the house called Agave Azul.  It's some of the best Mexican we've ever had, and has a great atmosphere.  

It also doesn't hurt that they're serving dishes are adorable...

The guacamole appetizer was sooooo yummy!

When we got back to the house we continued our annual Dateiversary tradition of giving sale ornaments as presents.  Scott forgot to get an ornament this year, but I think he got distracted by all of the ridiculous Stocking Stuffers he got me.

Good thing I got a set of four ornaments for him instead!

I found these guys at Kirklands for under $3 each!
I hope your New Year is starting off just as wonderful as ours has.


What do you normally like to do for New Years Eve?
Do any of you who are married celebrate your Dativersary?

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